… is a company that stands for the things that the company name expresses:

  • auto: Stands for „self“ in Latin and is short for automobile. 
  • innovative: Stands for the creation of something new or unprecedented by combining existing things/concepts in a creative manner.

The person, initiator and founder of auto-Innovative is Bernd Müller.

My approach is to support people in leadership responsibility to find a good and successful way for themselves and the company.

This involves a variety of challenges that go beyond what a single consultant or service provider can offer in the highest quality.

My personal challenge is to work together with the client to make a suitable and human-entrepreneurially coherent offer of support.


Behind auto-innovative you find a network of excellent consultants and service providers who represent very specific competencies and experiences.

These partners are deployed as needed in their respective areas of expertise where a concrete need for action is identified in the joint analysis.

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